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As the food industry has emerged as a high growth and profit sector in recent years, developing an application that will cater to the needs of its customers will only encourage them and in turn help generate better revenue for the restaurants. Upfront is a Web/Mobile Application where users can say goodbye to long queues and book a table & order food without any hassle. We decided to launch Upfront in Tech-Parks, to serve people who would like to grab a quick bite on their way back home after a long day of work, but would still have to spend a lot of time waiting for a take away. Don't worry, Upfront solves this issue for you and all you have to do is ORDER, WALK, PICKUP and Zoom back home.

Smart Interns

Smart Interns is an online internship/job portal which not only revises the search according to the user's profile, but it also makes use of technologies to a whole new level where creativity has been chosen outside the box! Smart Interns is indeed smart which makes every HR sit back and relax, but still, have a great experience on the hiring model. It works a lot easier by helping in the filtration process and leaving him/her with just the task of a face to face round if there need be. Smart Interns is smart enough to give a detailed report on every candidate who has applied in your company and has the ability to give an ellaborate report about their personal behavior and their assessments as well.


Something Unique is collaborating Soon..!!

Ticket Medium

Ticketing for any event has always been a worry for many individuals out there internationally. Fret no more, now that Ticket Medium is here for you! We present to you a platform for users to see and get a complete overview of all the events happening around the globe. This is the 1st international ticketing solution, collaborating with different brands and clients for the best user experience a user is due to receive.